Even The Maid Service Is High-Tech

The digital age has come to house cleaning. We knew it would eventually, but it has arrived now. Of all the businesses you would expect would not need to be high-tech this is one. But it turns out that it is quite handy that the best maid services in san diego are high tech.

We’re used to doing things on the internet and smartphones

Be honest, can you remember the last time you dialed 411 to find a phone number? Probably not. Instead you had your phone in your hand and you typed in something like ‘best maid services in san diego’ and had 10 or more choices in 2 seconds or less.

It’s what happened next that is different

You checked out a few websites, checked to see if they had an app, scanned the reviews, made sure the maid service was a real legitimate business (licensed, insured and bonded), and then you booked them. There was no lengthy phone discussion about choosing times and dates, you simply pulled up their calendar and scheduled a time when they were available and when you’d be home. (You just have to be home the first time and you are good to go for future dates.)

These are people at work

best maid services in san diego

Having the website is brilliant for both you and the maid service. These are small businesses so the owners will be out there pushing a vacuum around and scrubbing the bathroom. Remember playing phone tag with someone? Well with a web presence you get immediate confirmation and you get to tick the cleaning off your to-do list, and that always feels good.

But is it as good as the other ways

Everyone is a critic these days, so if you booked it by the internet and did even the slightest bit of due diligence you looked at reviews and ratings from independent services. You could hardly have used the old 411 to get that information. Yes, you didn’t get to chat before scheduling, but on balance, the service is probably going to be very good indeed.

There’s still a phone number

Just in case you’re one of the troglodytes you can still call them on the phone.