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Many sources and many different links. That’s what you’re going to get as you sift your way through reading matter on what is quinoa. As for the sifting of the wheat from the chaff issue, you will be learning about that as well. How does this work? Well, this much you must know by now. Today, there is far greater awareness of gluten intolerance than ever before.

what is quinoa

Wheat is known to have high levels of gluten. It is not necessarily a burden for most healthy eaters but having a gluten free diet certainly helps. Improved eating habits and even more comfort. And gluten intolerance is only prevalent among a minority of population groups. While wheat has high levels of gluten, quinoa, like rice (and a number of other healthy foods – mostly your fruits and vegetables), has absolutely none.

No gluten, in other words. Quinoa is a healthy whole grain (not wheat). It has a deliciously nutty taste to it as well. So, you can only imagine what this does to your watery taste buds and the things you can do with quinoa in your kitchen. There are online recipes for you to sample to get you into the healthy habit of cooking regularly with quinoa. To add further encouragement to this healthy exercise, note that it’s pretty easy to cook quinoa as well.

Cooking quinoa takes up far less cooking time than other whole grains. That’s not to suggest that you should be in any hurry to cook and prepare healthy food. Interestingly, many a healthy recipe or dinner dish will contain a number of raw ingredients, usually your healthy fruits and vegetables. And you don’t even need to cook quinoa, especially if you’re going to enjoy its distinct flavor. Just mix it with some olive oil, lemon juice or organic salt, and there you go, a delicious and healthy snack served up.

No need for the salty crisps and certainly no troubles with indigestion either. Today, quinoa is being referred to as yet another newly discovered superfood, high in nutritional value, referred to by others as a pseudo cereal, although it must be said that this formidable natural cereal had been in use already thousands of years ago among population groups indigenous to regions of South America. The pseudo analogy is reserved for food grounded into flour.

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