Giving Your Ageing Skin A 360 Degree About Turn With Recapture 360

recapture 360

By now, many of you reading this may be familiar with that essential ingredient known as collagen. This may have something to do with the skin-crawling stories you have read online in the past about those folks who were desperate enough to go under the knife and lift and damage their skin irreparably in the false notion that they were finally going to look healthy and young. The results have been disastrous and many of these poor folks probably feel quite ancient by now.

Even for them, all is not lost. All they have to do now is go au naturel. This means that from now on, they will only be using natural, organic skin care products that contain no chemicals and, as a result, hold very few side-effects for them when utilized in accordance with the product range instructions. One clearly good example, if you will of these natural and healthy alternatives is that of Australian born model and entrepreneur, Christie Brinkley’s recapture 360 skin care range.

Let’s take a look at a few of this natural skin care range’s formidable ingredients before we go. It’s formidable because it’s effective. It’s effective because these ingredients really work, just as long as you are following the product range’s clearly defined application instructions and health guidelines. Like giving up smoking. That’s a tough call, but there you go. Let’s be honest, regular smoking does contribute towards your skin’s premature ageing.

Systenol A does not. Rather, it removes, brown spots, creases, crow’s feet and wrinkles, caused by smoking too, if you must know. Elix-IR is a custom grade ingredient specifically included to help protect the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is where the development of brown spots has been particularly prevalent. If kept unchecked, such developments can also become cancerous. Aquaxyl is necessary to keep the skin naturally moist.

It helps to make the skin supple, flexible and firmer. This is ideal for those who are particularly prone to flaky skin. Mitostime is being used in the production of collagen. This is good because it leaves the skin looking thicker, smoother and, of course, healthier. Glycolic acid is also used in the production of collagen, particularly if it is present in high concentrations. It also nourishes the skin’s cells. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant.

It should come as no surprise to you to learn that this ingredient is rather fruity. That’s because it comes directly from the skin of the grape. Talk about coincidences of the skin. Fruit has been highlighted continuously as a potent source of the skin and body’s much needed oxidizing agents. And then there is Superoxide dismutase. This ingredient is used to prevent the excessive breakdown of collagen. This breakdown usually occurs during the formation of those unwanted wrinkles, caused by smoking, among other things, if you really must know.

Skin deep information you could use. And food for thought too, as it turns out.

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